Check out our every expanding collection of photos and videos! This media gallery is truly a testamant to the influence that Clean Up Main Street has on the Santa Ana community. Everyday we are inundated with phone calls and emails from business owners, private citizens, and individuals in positions of political influence looking to support this effort or become involved. Want to see your photo up here? Click here to find out how!

  • DSC_0538
  • DSC_0535
  • DSC_0515
  • DSC_0511
  • DSC_0486
  • DSC_0456
  • DSC_0412
  • DSC_1872
  • DSC_1891
  • Victory Outreach member cleaning up Main Street
  • Clean Up Walk volunteers
  • Joshua Sudock getting photos for the OC Register
  • Coordinators along side Mayor Pulido
  • Spreading the message
  • The Mill Bakery
  • Group photo with volunteers

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