Another Successful Clean Up!

The men of Victory Outreach have once again come through. Starting at 8:30 on the morning of October 17th the Victory Outreach team hit the streets to show their pride in their city. Starting at McFadden and working their way north on Main Street the team worked tirelessly to improve their community and provide a better and home hospitable environment for all of us who call Santa Ana home. Great job Victory Outreach, your dedication has made a huge difference in the community. You may have noticed that South Main Street was just a little bit cleaner and more beautiful this morning, all thanks to the Victory Outreach team. You too can help make your community a better place to live and work by attending our next Clean Up Walk. Check back soon to find out when the next Clean Up is scheduled. There are more ways that just providing your presence and efforts to support Clean Up Main Street, click here to find out more.

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Orange Coast Hardware donates equipment

Just a quick shout out to Scott and the rest of the team over at Orange Coast Hardware & Lumber for your generous donation of two brooms to the efforts of Clean Up Main Street. With our October 3rd Clean Up Walk with Mayor Miguel Pulido coming up quickly the addition of this new equipment is greatly appreciated. For those who are unaware of our Clean Up Walk, please click here to find out how to get involved.

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Send Us Your Suggestions!

After our meeting with Mayor Miguel Pulido yesterday we are really looking forward to getting some very prolific community outreach projects started.  With Mayor Pulido asserting that Clean Up Main Street would be allotted funds to enact some of our ideas we are working diligently to get our ideas on paper and formulate a budget so as to present to our ideas to the sitting political entities of Santa Ana.  However, with only four members on our board of directors we can only do so much.

We are looking to get community input and ideas for future projects.  The very nature of our community outreach projects entail that the community becomes involved in the conception, development, and completion of each and every project that we undertake.  Our vision, though ambitious and fore-thinking, cannot encompass the needs of every member of the Santa Ana community without the input of it’s citizens.  We accept each and every suggestion with an open mind and the capacity to expand upon them in order to provide our city with the development and growth that it requires.

Co-founder Ian Plumlee in his office

Ian Plumlee, creative director and co-founder of Clean Up Main Street, putting in some long hours to bring about a change in the community.

This is your call to action Santa Ana:

We at Clean Up Main Street humbly ask each member of this community to provide one idea, one project proposal, one thought that will drive this project forward in the direction that will most greatly benefit this community and the citizens therein.

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Mayor Miguel Pulido Pledges His Support to Clean Up Main Street

Our team of founders met with the Mayor of Santa Ana, Miguel Pulido, today. We sat down at our headquarters on Main Street to explain to Mayor Pulido what our objectives were and, after some careful thought and deliberation, we received his pledge of support. We discussed the recent explosion of support that Clean Up Main Street has received from the citizens in our community and informed Mayor Pulido that the massive influx of support showed no signs of weaning any time soon. With such a strong backing from the community and with so many folks getting involved through contributions of monies and man-hours the term “snowball effect” barely covers the exponential growth that Clean Up Main Street has been experiencing.

Ken Taylor and Mayor Pulido

The Honorable Mayor Pulido, shown at left, stopped by our headquarters this morning to hear what Clean Up Main Street was all about.

With the support of the city officials Clean Up Main Street is preparing for some pretty prolific projects to take place. We have many potential projects on our idea board at our office but we are always looking to receive and incorporate input from business owners and citizens of Santa Ana. As we continue to gather support from the community our projects will grow and become more ambitious as a result. Be sure to get involved and help drive this effort forward for the benefit of your community, your economy, and your city as a whole.

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Community Involved is Community Evolved

The objective of Clean Up Main Street is simple: we are getting the community involved in cleaning up and restoring their city, not because we ask them to, but because they want to. With the multitude of organizations that are becoming involved it is hard to deny that Clean Up Main Street is going to have a profound impact upon our city. With our eyes set on the Main Street corridor as a starting point, we will bring about a change in this community and economy that others will be hard pressed to match.

Gloria Navarro and Francisco Vargas show their support of Clean Up Main Street.

On Thursday September 27th the members of Victory Outreach and three of our co-founders, Ian, Ken, and Shawn, walked from Chestnut Avenue to Richland Street collecting trash, pulling weeds out of the sidewalks, sweeping, and clearing the gutters. The fulfillment granted by our efforts shown through when folks driving by on Main would honk and wave in support of our work. The sense of accomplishment felt by the Victory Outreach members and the Clean Up Main Street team was very apparent by the smiles on their faces and the spring in their steps as they worked tirelessly to improve their surroundings.

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A Community Committed to Change

Main Street will be clean before you know it!

It’s wonderful to see a community so committed to the improvement and care of it’s surroundings. In the few short days since the official debut of Clean Up Main Street at the jazz festival at Original Mike’s we have seen a flood of donations and commitments to get involved. With so many people supporting this community improvement project it won’t be long before you begin to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of Main Street. Along with a make over of the appearance of our city will come improved economy and greater commerce being brought right to our doorsteps.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the most recent supporters of this effort. Elva’s Beauty Supply has given their commitment to clean up the east side of the 600 block. The team at Main Street Liquor is going to be taking care of the west side of the 600 block. Pro Services of Santa Ana has committed to picking up around their business on the east side of the 400 block. Kelly’s Body Shop is committed to cleaning up their piece of Main Street on the east side of the 2000 block. And last but surely not least, Marisa and Carlos over at Videoland+ are pledging their support by cleaning up the east side of the road across from their business between Bishop and Camile.

With so many citizens rising to the challenge in support of Clean Up Main Street there will be a noticeable improvement before you know it. Driving this community forward is a mission of many and falls on the shoulders of every citizen of this wonderful city in which we live and work. Let’s get involved in the wellbeing of our community and city as a whole and let’s get Main Street cleaned up and back to its original state of splendor. Click here to see what you can do to get involved and help build up your community.

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Victory Outreach members helping Clean Up Main Street

Victory Outreach members adopt the 700 block!

Ken Taylor Carpets and Flooring in association with the members of Victory Outreach have stepped up and taken responsibility for the adoption of the 700 block of Main Street. In only thirty minutes on the morning of September 25th four members of Victory Outreach extended a hand to the community and helped pick up debris from sidewalks and lawns, swept up trash out of the gutters, and made the 700 block of Main Street a more beautiful place. A special thanks to John David McCullah, Leandro Torres, Jerry Greene, Richard Hernandez, and Ken Taylor for your outstanding efforts to help Clean Up Main Street!

Victory Outreach members helping Clean Up Main Street

Good job Victory Outreach! Clean Up Main Street appreciates your hard work.

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