About Us

Clean Up Main Street is the brainchild of four entrepreneurial go-getters from around the Orange County area: Ken Taylor, Ian Plumlee, Shawn Chenier, and Andrew Haberman. We come from a vast range of upbringings and lifestyles yet coalesced to form a cohesive team that has become known as Cre82morrow Designs. The name says it all, as it has become of foremost importance to us to create our own future and to ensure the success of our community and economy.

Team Cre82morrow

From left: Ken Taylor, Shawn Chenier, Ian Plumlee, Andrew Haberman. Together we are the co-founders of Cre82morrow and Clean Up Main Street.

At our headquarters on Main Street we work tirelessly to see our city achieve the stature and recognition that it is due. There is much to be done and it is our mission to organize and coordinate the efforts of businesses, private citizens, and the men and women in politics to ensure that we are working towards a common goal as well as being held accountable for our own impact upon the economy and community as a whole.

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