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After our meeting with Mayor Miguel Pulido yesterday we are really looking forward to getting some very prolific community outreach projects started.  With Mayor Pulido asserting that Clean Up Main Street would be allotted funds to enact some of our ideas we are working diligently to get our ideas on paper and formulate a budget so as to present to our ideas to the sitting political entities of Santa Ana.  However, with only four members on our board of directors we can only do so much.

We are looking to get community input and ideas for future projects.  The very nature of our community outreach projects entail that the community becomes involved in the conception, development, and completion of each and every project that we undertake.  Our vision, though ambitious and fore-thinking, cannot encompass the needs of every member of the Santa Ana community without the input of it’s citizens.  We accept each and every suggestion with an open mind and the capacity to expand upon them in order to provide our city with the development and growth that it requires.

Co-founder Ian Plumlee in his office

Ian Plumlee, creative director and co-founder of Clean Up Main Street, putting in some long hours to bring about a change in the community.

This is your call to action Santa Ana:

We at Clean Up Main Street humbly ask each member of this community to provide one idea, one project proposal, one thought that will drive this project forward in the direction that will most greatly benefit this community and the citizens therein.

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