Mayor Miguel Pulido Pledges His Support to Clean Up Main Street

Our team of founders met with the Mayor of Santa Ana, Miguel Pulido, today. We sat down at our headquarters on Main Street to explain to Mayor Pulido what our objectives were and, after some careful thought and deliberation, we received his pledge of support. We discussed the recent explosion of support that Clean Up Main Street has received from the citizens in our community and informed Mayor Pulido that the massive influx of support showed no signs of weaning any time soon. With such a strong backing from the community and with so many folks getting involved through contributions of monies and man-hours the term “snowball effect” barely covers the exponential growth that Clean Up Main Street has been experiencing.

Ken Taylor and Mayor Pulido

The Honorable Mayor Pulido, shown at left, stopped by our headquarters this morning to hear what Clean Up Main Street was all about.

With the support of the city officials Clean Up Main Street is preparing for some pretty prolific projects to take place. We have many potential projects on our idea board at our office but we are always looking to receive and incorporate input from business owners and citizens of Santa Ana. As we continue to gather support from the community our projects will grow and become more ambitious as a result. Be sure to get involved and help drive this effort forward for the benefit of your community, your economy, and your city as a whole.

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