Community Involved is Community Evolved

The objective of Clean Up Main Street is simple: we are getting the community involved in cleaning up and restoring their city, not because we ask them to, but because they want to. With the multitude of organizations that are becoming involved it is hard to deny that Clean Up Main Street is going to have a profound impact upon our city. With our eyes set on the Main Street corridor as a starting point, we will bring about a change in this community and economy that others will be hard pressed to match.

Gloria Navarro and Francisco Vargas show their support of Clean Up Main Street.

On Thursday September 27th the members of Victory Outreach and three of our co-founders, Ian, Ken, and Shawn, walked from Chestnut Avenue to Richland Street collecting trash, pulling weeds out of the sidewalks, sweeping, and clearing the gutters. The fulfillment granted by our efforts shown through when folks driving by on Main would honk and wave in support of our work. The sense of accomplishment felt by the Victory Outreach members and the Clean Up Main Street team was very apparent by the smiles on their faces and the spring in their steps as they worked tirelessly to improve their surroundings.

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