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Another Successful Clean Up!

The men of Victory Outreach have once again come through. Starting at 8:30 on the morning of October 17th the Victory Outreach team hit the streets to show their pride in their city. Starting at McFadden and working their way

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Orange Coast Hardware donates equipment

Just a quick shout out to Scott and the rest of the team over at Orange Coast Hardware & Lumber for your generous donation of two brooms to the efforts of Clean Up Main Street. With our October 3rd Clean

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Send Us Your Suggestions!

After our meeting with Mayor Miguel Pulido yesterday we are really looking forward to getting some very prolific community outreach projects started.  With Mayor Pulido asserting that Clean Up Main Street would be allotted funds to enact some of our ideas

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Community Involved is Community Evolved

The objective of Clean Up Main Street is simple: we are getting the community involved in cleaning up and restoring their city, not because we ask them to, but because they want to. With the multitude of organizations that are

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A Community Committed to Change

Main Street will be clean before you know it! It’s wonderful to see a community so committed to the improvement and care of it’s surroundings. In the few short days since the official debut of Clean Up Main Street at

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