Welcome to Clean Up Main Street.  It is our mission to improve the community of Santa Ana starting with Main Street, which runs straight through the heart of the city.  The negative far out-shadows the positive in the minds of many when they think of our city, conjuring thoughts of gangs, dirty street, homeless individuals, and rundown homes.  It is time for this to change.  We will change the social misconceptions that have taken root about our city and prove what a beautiful city Santa Ana truly is.

Many Main Street business owners have been making an effort to clean up their little piece of the city for quite some time.  It is our goal to unify these efforts into a single, focused group of citizens dedicated to rebuilding the image of Santa Ana as well as improving the social and economic environment.  By polishing the image of Santa Ana we aim to present a more attractive place for small business to set up and take root.  By doing this we will essentially make Santa Ana a flourishing center of commerce in the greater Orange County area.

With the economy beginning to look up now is the time to start bringing new businesses to our city.  Lets welcome them with open arms and build a thriving infrastructure and accommodating socialsphere.  Let’s Clean Up Main Street.

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